About Us

it's the little things...

Our commitment is simple - to infuse your home and body with beauty and elegance through the highest quality products. From the wax to the wrapping, we promise to keep the earth in mind and never use any harmful additives. This decision was made with the environment and you in mind. 

Each of our products are crafted with love and passion by Holly in Kelowna, British Columbia. What started as some leftover wax from a Christmas project a few years back has now flourished into a passion project to create quality products and inform people along the way on how to choose those home and body essentials and feel good about it.

We choose to use simple, subtle ingredients to create modest fragrances and timeless pieces for your home. With this in mind, our fragrances are not overpowering like candles you may have previously used. Our choice to blend natural essential and fragrance oils means that the strength of fragrance may be more subtle than what you are accustomed to, but keeps your home healthy, happy and free of harmful toxins.